A mosaic celebrating the spirit of cricket has been unveiled in Manchester. Picture: Manc Wanderer

A Manchester Originals mosaic was unveiled at Old Trafford ahead of the borough's return of The Hundred.

The second season of the four-week, 100-ball men's and women's cricket competition began on Wednesday in Southampton, with the first action on Friday in Trafford.

To commemorate its return, artist Mark Kennedy was commissioned to create a mosaic that encapsulates everything special about the Manchester Originals' home.

Residents in the area were invited to add the final pieces to the monochrome artwork, which includes references to the Manchester Bee and the Stone Roses, on Wednesday.

The mosaic has been unveiled. Manchester Wanderer

"This concept of cricket is radical," Mr Kennedy said, "and Manchester is a radical city." I enjoy how the tournament brings together people and fans from all over the city.

"I can't imagine being from or based anywhere else because Manchester has been my canvas for nearly 30 years."

"We wanted this piece to be modern, but with timeless references, and I think the colorway makes it instantly iconic."

Residents were invited to attend. Manchester Wanderer

"To see how many fans in the region have embraced this new format for cricket and our team so quickly has been incredible," said Kate Cross, captain of the Manchester Originals women's team, who also appears in the mosaic.

"Manchester is more than just a name to us; it's our home, so being a part of a piece of art that captures that iconic Manchester spirit is a true honor."

"I can't wait to see our fans at our home games this summer, and I hope to see a lot of photos next to the mosaic."

Residents were invited to attend. Manchester Wanderer

The Northern Superchargers men's team travels to Old Trafford on Friday, followed by double headers against Trent Rockets, Welsh Fire, and Oval Invincibles.

Tickets are still available at thehundred.com/tickets for a limited time.

Jack Tooth authored this article. Jack is a reporter for The Messenger who covers everything in the Metropolitan Borough of Trafford.

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